Saturday, February 4, 2017

Lie or Truth?

This is a real dilemma for all of us. Whether we’re reading and article, or seeing a post, or hearing a statement in a speech, how do we know whether or not it is true or is it a lie?

A lie is defined as “…to say something that knowingly isn't true…” ( So the key is “knowingly.” If I tell someone I’m 64, when I’m actually 74, I lied.

When President Barak Obama said: “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period!” and “If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period!” (  That’s a tough one as we all know. The truth is, it didn’t turn out that way. But did the President lie? I don’t think he “knowingly” lied. One thing is for sure, he did not keep his promise. And he definitely misled the American people. Especially when he emphasized it with the “Period.” I believed him. I really did!  But what complicates matters is that later we heard from Dr. Barry Gruber, one of the key architects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also know as Obama Care, stated that “…Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass…” Dr Gruber had many personal visits with the President and the White House. At the time when President Obama made those statements, he wasn’t sure whether or not it was going to be possible. So I’m going to give the President a pass on this one.

When Senator Harry Reid, then Majority Leader of the US Senate, claimed in an interview that: “… a source he would not name had contacted him out of the blue and claimed that Mitt Romney had not paid any federal income taxes at all over the previous 10 years.".   Later Senator Harry Reid says he doesn't regret spreading false charges about Mitt Romney's taxes during the 2012 presidential campaign.  ( This was a lie!

I find that politicians “misspeak” and “make mistakes” or just “retract” but never confirm that they lied. They simply revise their statement, update it, or retract it. 

If you “google” “What lies has President Trump told?” you’ll find more than 40 pages of articles claiming he lied.  I came up with about 15 pages for President Obama on the same question. So, this proves my point, politicians and Presidents lie but they are never called lies, they are just not telling the whole truth. We are taught early on to tell the truth. What happened America?

This is a sad state of affairs for our country.  We can’t trust anyone! Do the research and make up your own mind.

A Tradition of Military Retirements

Military Retirement Ceremonies have become a tradition lately and can range from a large ceremony on the base with troops passing in review and numerous General Officers in attendance, to a simple office ceremony with just a few guests and family members. Today the troops came out in force to celebrate the retirement of Lt Col Thomas E. Miller, Chief of Plans and Programs, for the 919th Special Operations Wing at Duke field.  I first met Tom while I was still working at HQ Air Force Special Operations Command Plans & Programs Office and had to coordinate with him. We also met numerous times for other social activities and the retirement of the MC-130E Combat Talon I  and the disposition of much of the Fulton Surface to Air Recover (STAR) equipment. I also had the privilege of flying MC-130E 64-0523 to Cannon AFB with Tom as the Aircraft Commander and Brig Gen Buck Elton, as Mission Commander and 27 SOW Commander, to give the aircraft a final resting place at Cannon's main gate.

Today, Lt Col Thomas E. Miller, was retired after 33 years of service to the United States Air Force and the Air Force Reserve. It was a full house at the Aircraft Maintenance Hanger Bldg #3029 with a backdrop of the C-145A & C-146A (Wolfhound) supporting the USSOCOM NSAv operation. Tom retired with over 8,400 flying hours. He also led the 919 SOW through numerous changes with the transition from Gunships, to Combat Talons, to the AvFID, to NSAv mission.  Col James M. Phillips, 919 SOW Commander, stated that Tom was truly responsible for the many wing successes and touched every part of the wing as an aircraft commander, to maintenance, to operations support, to combat plans. He will be missed, but was asked to stay on for now as a civilian employee. They just can't do with our him!

After the ceremony, that included a flag folding ceremony by the Honor Guard, all gathered at the 919th Hooch behind the Wing HQs for some socializing, beer, and food.

You might recognize some of the attendees. Thanks for your friendship Tom. WTFB

Friday, February 3, 2017

Father and Daughter Dance

It's a Tradition!

Tonight our granddaughter is being escorted by her father to the Liza Jackson Prep School Father-Daughter Dance. Belle had the best hairdresser in the world to help her get ready as well.  This is what family is all about and this is American Freedom at it's best. And, by the way, some girls don't have a father to take them because he is deployed fighting for Freedom, or he is no longer part of the family, or worse, he is in a higher place. LJPS works hard to allow those ladies to attend with a Stand-In Dad.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Do I Stay or Do I Go - FaceBook?

I've been contemplating this dilemma for some time but it became clearer and clearer to me during the election campaign but eventually when Donald J. Trump was elected, the anger and hate that was spewed at Conservatives and the newly and legally elected President, was just too much. So I wrote the following letter and posted it to my FaceBook page and at 8:00 AM on 3 Feb I disabled my account and said goodbye to FaceBook.  As of this writing 136 people left comments of support, only one inappropriate comment (which he later apologized for) and 144 left either Thumbs Up, Love, or  Sad emoticons, and 6 shares.  So here is my letter in full:

(By: E. Max Friedauer)

This is going to be shock to many of you, but I have been under extreme stress for some time, and it’s now time for me to be honest with myself, my family, and my 1,238 FaceBook friends. I’m coming out of the closet, and declaring myself to be a CONSERVATIVE, STRICT CONSTITUTIONALIST, REGISTERED REPUBLICAN, CHRISTIAN (CATHOLIC), AND YES, I VOTED FOR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.

I am not anti-gay (LGBTQ); I am Pro-Life but support the right of a woman to choose (it’s the law); I am Pro-Gun; I am against a welfare State; I am against a socialistic type of government; I am for less government and more rights to the people and the states, government has a role to play when it comes to health & safety, law & order, equality, infrastructure, commerce, defense of the Nation, and a few others; I believe that the global environment is changing but not due to we the people (volcanoes, earthquakes, sun spots, normal planetary evolution is the primary cause; I believe in the constitution of the United States; I do not believe in sharing my earnings because the government dictates it, I’ll share with churches and groups of my own choosing and help the poor and work the soup kitchen, etc.; I believe in Traditional Marriage but support the right of the LGBTQ community to join together lawfully (whether that is a civil union, marriage, or whatever) and be afforded the same rights afforded to traditional married couples under the law; I’m against the legalization of marijuana, except for medical purposes; I believe in concealed carry for all who qualify under the law across all states; I believe in the freedom of religion for all as long as that religion does not go against the constitution or intends to subvert our government; I believe in the 10 Commandments handed down from God to Moses; I believe in our flag and I respect the flags of other countries and will stand for it in their country, but I will only Pledge Allegiance to ours; I do not ever wish to be governed by the United Nations; I believe in and support NATO; I support our law enforcement officers and first responders; I support the defense of our Nation to include a strong and impenetrable border as is feasible; I believe we should have the strongest military in the world to fight and win against any aggressor; I’m all for immigration, as long as it is legal and we know who you are and what your business is in our country; I believe in guaranteeing and ensuring a process where only citizens vote in our National elections for President; there is much more but these are the most important to me.

Now that it’s out of the bag and you all know me, you no longer have to attack me for my beliefs, just tolerate the fact that I am what I am. I am also sick of getting so much hate speech, vulgar and x-rated pictures from the other side of my belief system. I am now also revealing or unveiling another shocking act of defiance on my part. I AM GETTING OFF FACEBOOK as it no longer satisfies my needs of socializing with my family and friends without insulting someone or being insulted myself.  I will no longer watch the elite Hollywood display of political incorrectness! I declare myself to be free from all of it and I will be better off for it. You are free to choose as you wish but I will no longer be there.

Additionally, I will cancel some of my current e-mail accounts, and establish new ones. I will open up a new FaceBook account with a disguised profile that will only be available to my family (and friends I consider to be family (approx. 14-20 people). So please don’t be offended, it will be a very small group. This account will be reserved only for family pictures, events, and the likes. Everyone else can read my annual Christmas Card and find out what we were up to for the year. Sorry, I know the majority of you were likeminded but one can only take so much and I’m just tired of doing research and responding to accusations and having to try to explain and justify my thinking and beliefs, or what is wrong with their thought process or why I believe what I believe. I love this country, and have always loved this country. I myself am a legal immigrant. I know what it’s like to wait in line, steam past the Statue of Liberty in New York, and take a long train ride to our final home in Indiana at age 11. I also know what it’s like to study to become a US Citizen and be Naturalized at age 18.

To my friends on the other side, I still consider many of you, maybe even most of you, to be my friends, but since many of you can’t get over the fact that your side lost the election, and you never will, and will demonstrate, destroy, riot, obstruct, denigrate, spew lies, make threats against our institution and the White House, and our lawfully and duly elected President, I can only pray for you and I will. President Trump serves and swore to protect and defend all our people, against foreign and domestic enemies. I only feel sadness for those who refuse to even acknowledge our President or the office of the President. I hope that you will find a way to peace, love, and kindness for All the People. Muslims are not our enemy, Radical Islamic Terrorists and the seven countries identified by President Obama and continued by President Trump that promote, support, and fund terrorism across the world are the enemy. And we must keep them out of our country and destroy them in place.

So we can still keep in touch via e-mail, phone, or messaging. Sorry I’m going to miss wishing so many of you a Birthday Message for all to see but I’ll send you a personal message whenever possible. I will continue to serve the many groups like the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Air Force Association, the 7th Air Commando Society, the Air Commando Association, the Knights of Columbus, St Mary’s Catholic Church, etc. There may be some temporary interruptions while I figure out how to create a new FB account just to maintain in contact with the great organizations which are non-political. It will take me a while to set all of this up, but I think it’s time to stop and cease and desist my FaceBook chats. It’s the intolerable and the disingenuous attitudes of many, like a large group of Democrat Congressman, the Democrat Senators led by Chuck Schumer, that I can no longer stand. I can’t tolerate to even see the re-posts and then the horrible vitriol back and forth. The US Senate used be a place for gentleman and decorum, but Harry Read destroyed all of that. It tends to bring out the worst of us even when it’s normally not be like that. If you are my true friend, you’ll figure out a way to get in contact with me by other means if it’s important.

Oh, you're reading this on my new BLOG, where I can say and editorialize whatever I want and express my opinion. This will make me feel good and my sole purpose of this Blog is simply to give like-minded people a place to see what I’m thinking. I haven’t completely thought through all of that nor have I finished designing the page. It will simply meant to be an editorial. This may take a month or more to setup and finalize!

You have my permission to copy or share the link to the Blog.  All I ask is that you give me credit for writing it and don’t post it as your own words.

Goodbye. I feel so much better! As of, 3 Feb, 8:00 AM my FaceBook account is cancelled!  
Respectfully, Adios